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My mom broke her hip during the pandemic in 2020. Under extreme pressure I researched long and hard on medicare.gov and cross-examined reviews and ratings of hundreds of facilities on Yelp and Google, trying to find a good long-term care place for her due to her cognitive decline and my family’s relocation out of state. At the time, my mom was prescribed multiple medications to manage her aggressive behavior associated with her advanced Alzheimer’s. I was so worried that the nurses at Del Mar wouldn’t be able to handle her and they would either kick her out or mistreat her after my departure.

After a year of physical therapy, my mother was unable to regain her ability to walk (in her case, it was actually better). But a miracle happened. Within a month, not only did they not increase her dosage of calming medication, but they reduced it to zero within two months. Whenever I visited Mom, the nurses always told me she was so happy and never violent. I couldn’t believe it. I toured many facilities before choosing Del Mar (I actually didn’t tour Del Mar due to the pandemic). Patients at so many places are drugged up and sleep all day. I can’t thank the miracle workers at Del Mar enough for taking good care of my mom, keeping her spirit high and alleviating a huge burden off me knowing she’s at a good place.

During my frequent visits to my mother, I had the opportunity to witness the exceptional care and support provided by the nursing staff to the elderly residents at Del Mar. Throughout the four years that my mother resided there, I was consistently impressed by their dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of the residents. My mom passed away yesterday after a long battle with a respiratory infection. I regretted deeply for stepping away and not being there to hold her hand when she took her last breath. However, I am grateful for the compassionate care provided by the nurses who attended to her and prepared her prior to my arrival.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the entire team at Del Mar Convalescent Hospital for their exceptional care and support during a challenging time. The nurse directors provided invaluable professional guidance, while the therapists, dietitians, and countless nurses demonstrated unwavering dedication and compassion in caring for my mother. Dr. Edwin Yau ( who was highly recommended by Del Mar) exhibited genuine concern and expertise in his care for my mom, especially during her multiple hospitalizations while I traveled overseas. The receptionists consistently welcomed me with warm smiles. It takes a village to provide proper care for elderly parents. If you are looking for a safe, caring environment for your loved ones, I highly recommend Del Mar Convalescent Hospital. The facility is not fancy, but the staff members make the world of difference.

Laura G.

5-star, Yelp Review

Having a family member who periodically needs skilled nursing care and has been around the nursing homes in LA county, I got to say Del Mar is the gold standard and above all others in comparison. From our initial tour, admission, care quality, friendly staff, cleanliness, and discharge, we have been completely satisfied and impressed. Thank Del Mar for giving us the peace of mind as sending a family member under the care of others could be frightening sometimes. In addition, thank you Ms.Hsu for the initial tour and subsequent admission and the Director of Nursing and her entire team! Keep up the good work! Highly recommended.

Charlie H.

5-star, Yelp Review

Warmly welcomed. My mom has been accepted 2 days ago, with good care, I can say she is much happier.

Charlene L.

5-star, Google Review

Del Mar Convalescent provides above and beyond services to my family member. They not only have excellent healthcare services, but also all the staff are very knowledgeable and supportive, I will definitely recommend.

Alice H.

5-star, Yelp Review

Wonderful place! I highly recommend this spot. The staff treated my mother really well. The PT and OT staff are amazing! Thank you for your hard work and excellency!

Arthur L.

5-star, Yelp Review

Thank you Janie, Derainna, Oscar, Neil and staff at Del Mar Convalescent Hospital for caring for my mom while she was rehabbing from spinal surgery. The facility is clean, the staff are nice and the process was smooth. I would recommend this facility!

Patricia C.

5-star, Yelp Review

Wonderful place! I highly recommend this spot! The staff treated my mother really well. The OT and PT staff are amazing! Thank you very much for your hardwork and excellency!

Christopher L.

5-star, Yelp Review

Making the difficult decision to send our mom to a convalescent home for care and recovery after her procedure was not easy due to all the negative stories we’ve seen on the news/ social media. But our experience with Del Mar Convalescent Hosptial has been not but positive. Their team of professional nurses and caregivers are compassionate, kind, caring, and love what they do. They treat their residences with humanity and respect.

While we are still in a pandemic, they ensure their residences stay connected to their families and we are able to make appointments for outdoor visit. Megan, Emily, and Eric along with their team has been a blessing in my mom’s recovery. Their  rehabilitation team creates individuals programs based on the needs of their residences. Per our mom: “the food here is pretty good!” It gives us Comfort in know that she is in good hands. It shows when we see the lively Spirit within her coming back during our visits and calls. Should you ever have to make the difficult decision/the need to sending a loved one to a care facility, I highly recommend Del Mar Convalescent Hosptial because they sincerely care!

Jennifer L.

Yelp Review

The pandemic has impacted so many people this year.  Unable to make visits and give hugs/kisses in person-it’s been difficult needlessly to say.  My grams has been at Del Mar Convalescent and has been through a lot in her lifetime, she is definitely a tough cookie.  If anyone will make it through this she definitely will.  We want take this opportunity to thank the staff for their dedication to their work and helping care for our grams.
A special shout out to Activity Director, Elizabeth for treating our grams like her own family.  Always making sure our grams can FaceTime her loved ones and even making a holiday card to send to our family.  Thank you so much!  We can’t wait for all of this to be over.  In the meantime, continue to do all that you do.  We are so forever grateful!  Stay safe.

Sandra F.

Yelp Review

Friendly Staff and Facility is Clean.


Google Review

Having a family member in a convalescent home is never easy.  It’s always a stressful situation that’s not made any easier when you hear of the horror stories of some of these places.  When my dad took a fall this past month my sister and I were very concerned about his transition from the hospital to a convalescent home.  Before we even had a chance to reach out to the ones around us, their administrator Chab called me to give me a full run down of their facility. No other facility that the hospital reached out to ever called me.  I still did my research but ultimately decided to go with Del Mar due to the high reviews, small size, and Chab taking the due diligence out of his day to reach out.

Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised of how the facility is maintained.  I agree with some of the other reviewers that this place does NOT have the distinguished smell that other facilities have.  The staff are all super friendly but what made every step so seamless was that their administrator planned ahead.  Chab called me days in advance to let me know about any scheduled doctors appointments and time of transportation.  I would literally walk in on the day of his doctors appointment, be handed an envelope of all his records (with appointment time, transportation time, and return time written on the envelope) and be ready to head to his appointment. When returning, I would hand him or the nurses the doctor’s followup orders and they took care of it right away. Although being in a care facility is never easy, the staff here has made it as stress free as it can be.

Dianna Y.

Yelp Review

My grandmother was recently admitted to a hospital for a fall and internal bleeding of the head . She was transfer to Del Mar Convalescence Hospital. On the day of the transfer I had to go on a trip. My parent were there for the transfer and they didn’t speak any English but thanks to the social worker Emily for helping my parent and grandmother out in translating and going through all paper work and procedures that had to be done. All the staff was really wonderful and really welcoming. They treated my grandmother like family. The CNA were really helpful and loving. They helped her when ever my grandma pressed the call light and responded pretty quickly. The RN and LVN gave her her Medicine on time. She enjoyed the Activities they had there like group exercise, bingo, mahjong, coffee social and chatting with other elders. Kitchen did a wonderful job in giving her what she need to eat and if she didn’t like some certain type of food, they would give her another choice for substitute. And lastly therapy was amazing with her. They made exercise fun and interesting. They helped her at her pace that she’s at and helped her gain her strength back.

Janie Y.

Yelp Review

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